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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grab My Pooper

This week's OC was teh awesome! Seth one-liners ("Ewe or grab my pooper?"), fights, sex, wake n bake, pissy Summer, Kirsten time!, MARISSA DOING YAY!!! I must admit I'm starting to kind of be ok with Ryan's Sadie-centric happiness, but are we seriously to believe that he's not going to do some swooping in to save Miss Marissa eventually? I'm still peeved at the unceremonious end to Ryan and Marissa's relationship; everyone's writing it off as torturous, but don't forget! They had a lot of good times! Including times that happened this season (achem, doing it for the first time, on the beech, in a tiki hut -- that was this year people!). I think they deserve a little more credit, it wasn't all bad. So, join me please, as I reminisce some of the good times shared by Ryan and Marissa.


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