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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Gonna Go On The Record

And say something that may make some of you question the value of my opinions. But I'm going to say it anyway. One Tree Hill is a great f***ing show. I mean it.

It never fails to be surprising, touching, and more poigniant than most anything else. I tear up at some point of pretty much every episode. I won't go all spoilerific on your ass, in the event that I know anyone else in the world that watches it and hasn't seen tonight's yet, but the last moments were TV gold. TV gold!!

You may recall my previous statement that their Season 1 finale was on my all time top season finales list. I shit you not -- this is a quality show. It is undeniably a teen soap, taking its cues from the Dawson's Creeks that came before it, but there are some kernals of real quality in there. I swear it!

I mean, if Catherine can like Pepper Dennis, I'm allowed to like One Tree Hill.

And, it's only 10 minutes into Lost, but I'm getting the warm fuzzies already from a Rose/Bernard flashback episode. With "These Arms of Mine" playing over their introduction.


Anonymous allison said...

you kind of want to BE peyton, dont you?

9:09 AM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Yeah, maybe a little. Minus the whole maternal death/being shot stuff. But the running her own club/being super cool/dating a rock star, all while she's still in high school thing -- that part I'd take. Though if I were dating a rock star, I'd choose one way cooler and hotter (all temperature rock star!) than Pete from Fallout Boy.

So Allison, does that mean you watch it too? I should have guessed, our pop culture tendencies have always been aligned.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Have they managed to work in the fact that Chad Michael Murray is engaged to an 18 year old? If they work that into the plot (along with some shoutouts to the awkwardness on-set with his ex-wife being there and all), I'll add it to the DVR lineup.

Also, did anyone else think that it was funny that he felt the need to put out a press statement that she's not pregnant? I hope that's what happens when I get engaged: "We've decided to get, no I'm not expecting...we actually just want to get, seriously."

1:51 PM  
Anonymous allison said...

i've been a fan of OTH since the first episode. obvi.

i've had to come to the conclusion that chad michael murray is about the skuzziest person on the face of the earth. what 25 year old guy who just hit it big on the hollywood scene keeps wanting to jump into marriage? and why do these girls keep falling for it? if i were sophia bush, i would have thrown up on his feet when he broke that news.

becky, i think it would be fantastic if you put out a press release of that nature when you get married. i wonder if couples like maggie gyllenhall and peter saarsgard are tempted to release the following statement: "we've decided to get married... and yes, she is pregnant... but we wanted to get married anyway, i swear."

11:36 AM  

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