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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Saved By The Bell Was Much Weirder Than Any of Us Realized at the Time

I just caught the end of the Dance Party episode (ya know, Casey Cassum, "The Sprain") of Saved By The Bell. Shocking -- all three finalists were from the gang. OK, I get the sitcom necessity there. Whatever. But, was it really necessary to have all three couples dance to the same song? Was it some bizarrely ineffectual attempt at leveling the playing field? It got me thinking about all the music that was ever on SBTB (A17, Zack & Kelly's song, for example). Always the wordless keyboard music that couldn't have coast more than $100 in royalties. I realize it was a low budget show, but for some reason, the same song being used for each couple really irked me.

PS, I'm at home watching tv bc. I'm working from here today, as my new windows get installed! Let's hear it for more efficient use of energy!!


Anonymous jenna said...

You know how we were talking last night about only really caring about getting up near the stage for bands we really care about?
WELL! Sunday for Neko Case, let's get their uber early so I can look my idol in the face.

11:42 AM  

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