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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Aint No Weekend Like a Holiday Weekend

Cause a holiday weekend don't stop... for an additional 24 hours. This Memorial Day weekend I recovered from my back injury, went to a BI party, finally saw the 'stick (and many other wonderful things at the zoo; I learned that when the Golden Lion Tamarin habitat is a' rockin, don't come a' knockin!), bid Rosie's single days goodbye (Santi's pics soon to come), saw X3 (class 5 mutants are baaaaaaaad ass!), celebrated the life of Vienna, bbq'd with the women that bore Sam and I, accidentally bought a jump suit at target (I thought it was a dress -- anybody having a Three's Company themed party anytime soon?), attended a tea party (complete with cucumber sandwiches!), splish splashed at Felsha's (with Otis the Boxer), enjoyed some delicious shrimp tacos with mom, and some delicious coconut cream pie with many, many Mattoses. What did you do?


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