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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Big Happy Bow

A lot of series have called it quits lately. Because I'm a huge nerd for tv, this means I've seen a handful of series finales in recent weeks. They all made me smile and/or shed a happy tear or two, but they all had one thing in common -- tying everything up in a big happy bow. (Warning: Spoiler type statements follow) Foreman & Donna get back together! All of the Charmed Ones grow old & live happily ever after, and each has 3 children! Sydney & Vaughn retire happily with their daughter and subsequent son! I, naturally, like to see things end well for characters I've invested years of television watching energy in, but, it seems a bit lazy. Other shows have managed to wrap things up well, meaningfully, and without being predictably lame. Buffy didn't end with a Buffy/Angel wedding, it ended with possibility. The Wonder Years didn't end with Kevin & Winnie together, but it was fantastic. I don't really have a thesis here, I'm just slightly disappointed in the "well duh, I could have written that" response I've had time and again. Oh, and, while part of me appreciates the flash forward effect, subtle hints at happily ever after are a lot more effective than "SEE! THEY'RE HAPPY!! AND IT'S THE FUTURE!" These are my thoughts.


Blogger Potthead said...

I agree that the outcome of the ALIAS finale was pretty happy and typical, but I absolutely loved Jack blowing up the cave and trapping Sloan down there for life!

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Did you happen to catch the last ever Will & Grace? I tuned back in after a five or so year viewing hiatus, and it was perhaps the cheesiest, most craptastic series finale ever.

10:43 PM  

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