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Friday, May 19, 2006

What's One of My Favorite Things to Do?

In a streak of bordom, I recently put up one of those asinine MySpace survey things. This time, your friends are to fill it out about you. I think the question that got the funniest and most varried responses was, "What's one of my favorite things to do?"

Matt Cockerel: myspace??

Mareil Wiswell: blogggggggging... duh!

Santi Duwell: go see bands

Betsy Philpott: shower, get fountain sodas

There you have it folks. If ever I can't be found, you might want to look for me on teh internets, at the Black Cat, in the shower, or at McDonalds. If you have other suggestions for a few of my favorite things, please, let me know.


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