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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Clever Title

  • Twice in less than 24 hours, I saw the same SUV. How could I tell it was the same SUV, as suburbia is littered with them, you ask? Well, this particular SUV -- parked outside Sweetwater last night, and passing me on the beltway this morning, has a huge white line art sticker of Jesus' head in the crown of thorns on the rear windsheild. I'd say the sticker takes up at least 60% of the windsheild. It's pretty intense. Kind of like this, but not exactly. I'm starting to think this SUV is my Tall African Man.
  • Got back last night from a weekend trip to Wake Forest for Becky's graduation from law school. It was a great trip, during which I gained aproximately 83 pounds. We literally ate all weekend. From breakfasts to bbqs to receptions to cook outs to brunches to more receptions and dinners and on and on and on, the endulgence just never quit. You can see some highlights over on my flickr page. Many congratulations to Becky, and thank you for being a wonderful hostess, as always!
  • My iPod was in a mood this morning. Everything it played was sort of suspicious/smokey/sexy. For example: "Kings of the Rodeo" by Kings of Leon, "Ryan Patrick Huseman Darrow" by De Novo Dahl, "Because" by The Beatles, "Cabin Down Below" by Tom Petty, "Call Me On Your Way Back Home" by Ryan Adams... definitely in a mood.
  • Competition for iTunes? Good news for iTunes users.
  • Lizzard, this news is for you.
  • I'm late on blogging about this, but in case you missed it, Tom has done it again. Our technical guru introcued Last Call, the coolest blog project this side of DCist Maps. What's Last Call? It lets you get metro train times, movie times, concer listings, restaurant reservations and the weather by text messaging our handy dandy number. Pretty dope.
  • Link love from the music blogger universe.
  • Gavin's pissed: his halloween costume idea has been hijacked.


Anonymous lizzer said...

yay! thanks for the info :)

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