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Friday, May 12, 2006

Sorting Out Our Priorities

I was just reading Ad Week, and came across some stats that aren't all together shocking, but still make me scratch my head a bit. Fitness magazine recently conducted a poll about America's attitudes towards weight. 63% of women/55% of men would "rather be poor and have no weight to lose, than be rich but significantly overweight." OK, I get that one. 58% of women/54% of men would rather lose their job than gain 75 pounds. My understanding is waning. Here's the kicker: 17% of men/11% of women would consider giving up 20 points of IQ if they could have a "perfect body." Granted, those aren't high percentages, but it's still pretty dumbfounding. Pun intended. Perhaps that lot should consider what beauty without brains results in.


Anonymous lizzer said...

someone going from 120 to 100 would be ridiculous. people are so fucking stupid. and i guess they are willing to be stupider.

lesson of the day: people suck.

and this is why i am a robot 50% of the time.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous lizzer said...


10:43 AM  

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