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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Old School Picture Day

Old School005.jpg
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I stumbled across a stack of pictures this morning from various points of the awkward years, including this one from the 8th Grade Economics Fair at Thoreau. (Everyone had to partner up and sell a product. Sam and Jan, clearly, sold Phat Clay Jewelry. Katie Lee (now, Mrs. Katie Stover) and I made Human Beans -- adorable bean bag creations. Rachel Stallman and... someone made sock hats, like the one Jacob Frye is wearing in this picture. Reed and Steg both proffered carnival style games. I specifically remember turning a profit, and mine and Katie's moms taking us to The Gap after school to spend our money. Judging from the lively discussion amongst the old crew all day long, everyone remembers this fair very vividly. So as far as effective teaching tools, I'd say it was a pretty good one.


Anonymous lizzer said...

Sohaila and I made a pie throw! it was great! until the whipped cream from the tins started to go bad...

we made the second highest amount of money, less than someone who made friendship bracelets or something or other....

7:50 PM  

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