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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Warning: Blatant discussion of plot points below. Do not read if you haven't watched it yet!

The Veronica Mars season finale! Wow! Holy Cow! Zing! Pow! Pop! Boom! Bang! Awesome!!!! Catherine has a hilarious summationof our reactions while watching the show, and, ya know, thoughtful reactions to the plot after the jump. I'm surprised the cops haven't come a'callin' yet, seeing as how the my reaction to Logan kissing Veronica was in the form of a high-volume, neighbor-waking, super squeally girl scream. And the framing on that couch shot was excellent. And I liked the reference to last season's finale with her waking up after the fall out to Logan's surprising presence. And, Haaron's sex noises are revolting, and the hilarious size of his ego would have been enough to make his head explode if CW hadn't entered the scene. Aaaaand poor Mack! And poor Weevil!! I mean, I know he set Thumper up to die and all, but, come on -- let the guy graduate!! And, also -- can you charge someone with murder if you don't have a body or evidence of a crime? A missing person isn't enough to charge someone with murder, is it? And dammit, they gave Duncan a location, which means he'll be in the story line next year. Dammit! Anyhow, I need to go... that finale took a lot out of me!


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