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Friday, May 12, 2006

My Name Is A Song... Kind Of

Not to be picky, because I know I have friends who have lived their lives without a song based on their name, but the two that I've had all my life -- "Mandy" by Barry Manilow and "Amanda" by Chicago -- are pretty lame. Both good in a pinch, and enjoyable after a few beers, but neither even has a very impressive message. Mandy/Amanda is loveable! *Yawn. OK, that's not so bad, I guess, but the thing is, I just don't like either song. Not even in an ironic way. That's why I was so excited this morning, while listening to the Spinto Band album I recently acquired, to find the song "Oh Mandy." It's indie rock! It features a mandolin! Pitchfork describes it as "a ringing anthem of unrequited love!" And the chorus goes like this!:
Oh Mandy, Oh Mandy
Oh Mandy, Oh Mandy
So Dreamy, Oh Mandy
So Killing, Oh Mandy
Oh Mandy, Oh Mandy
Can read me, and has me
Oh Mandy, Oh Mandy’s
Completely out of reach

Dude! That makes me sound awesome!

Don't get any big ideas about calling me Mandy now, though. That right is reserved for a select few, who've either known me since birth, or have "Amanda Mattos is my Best Friend" tattood on their asses.

*UPDATE: After DCeiver commented, I remembered another caveat for calling me Mandy: If you make an enjoyable nick name out of it. Such as "Man Oh Mandy Mattos," as he's used before, or "Mandy Moo," as proprietarily owned by Sara Dixon. Carry on, nicknamers.

So, do you have a name song? Liz, if you say no, I'll pummel you with my fists, as you not only have one of the coolest name songs ever, but you constantly forget about it.

UPDATE: On this same album, there's a song called "So Kind, Stacy." That's a two-fer! Stace, let's seek out The Spinto Band and make friends.


Blogger Santi said...

Ah sadly no...the downside to having a "unique" (ahem) name in our American that I grew up deprived of any name songs. Even sadder is that I never got to take part in any of those name know what I'm talking about...the key chains / mini license plates / sets of pencils that you can pick up in novelty stores, and that all the cool kids had. Grr.

11:48 AM  
Blogger The Deceiver said...

I've always considered you to be out of reach, owing to the fact that I am only 5'9".

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Jeru the Damager said...

What about "Mandy" by the Jonas Brothers. Teenybopperish...yes. Trite...perhaps, but if I was making you a mix tape, I'd definitley put it on there.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous lizzer said...

who me?? a name song?? really!??

By the way santi- you CAN always count the ending chant at Yoga....

12:08 PM  

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