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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thoughts Before My Commute

My coffee tastes weird today. I didn't do anything differently... maybe my taste buds are still recovering from last night, when Sarah pinked my drink. Gross.

I'd really like whatever guy I end up with to be a coffee drinker. He can take his coffee however he wants, but if he sweetens it, I'd question his masculinity if he uses anything but real, old fashioned sugar.

I just saw the new Keane video. It made me dizzy.

I'm going to see Cold War Kids and Tapes n Tapes tonight in the Charm City. I'm excited. Click on their pages and listen to find out why.

I'm in a World Cup pool organized by Santi. While I enjoy the World Cup (particularly the memories I have of watching it from pubs while studying in London), I certainly don't foresee my $10 investment gluing me to any tv's or changing any schedules. Anyhow, go England, Croatia, Poland, and Sweden!

My world traveling former roomie "Big White" Mike Coleman is returning from his travels this weekend! Yay! There's been a serious derth of people to watch Charmed with me since he left. Welcome back, dude.


Blogger John said...

What about Splenda? Real, but not quite real...

6:43 PM  

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