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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Summer's Shaping Up Quite Nicely

With one beach shore trip under my belt (and under my skin), the remaining sunshiney weeks promise a few more shakes at summer fun. My intrepid best friends Liz and Jenna and I will be heading to Baltimore on Thursday night to see Tapes n Tapes and Cold War Kids, a show I'm looking forward to, very much. Then on Sunday, T$ and I are checking out the Spinto Band, who I've already thanked here for making my name cooler. In a couple short weeks, L, J and I will be heading down to Sanibel Island for Rosie's wedding/Florida vacationasaurus. I'm told I'll be kayaking (insert chorus of "I want pictures!" here). A long fourth of July weekend in Stone Harbor and a surf girls weekend on Fenwick Island promise more splish splashy fun. And there's that $100 worth of American Airlines ticket money I have to use before August 1... any thoughts/invitations to extend? I was going to try and go west coast, but sadly, even with that $100 credit, I'd still be shelling out at least $500, which, I'm not really in a place to do at the moment. Throw in a couple parties (whether they be blogger heavy, commemorating major life changes, or in honor of a pig on a spit) and my 25th birthday and -- this summer -- it's gonna be good.


Anonymous Beth said...

WE need to do something together! Please?

5:26 PM  

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