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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Please let this post...

I just updated my sidebar and when I went to view the 'stretch, nothing was there. Well, nothing but the sidebar. Yeah. So... um.. come back? Content? Please? I'm beggin ya here!

UPDATE: We are, as you can see, back up and running. A somewhat mysterious deletion of half of the code on my template was to blame. Aside from the hysteria associated with being afraid I'd lost hundreds and hundreds of posts, it was about 1/40th as frustrating as MT has been over at DCist lately. Anyhow, carry on my wayward readers.


Blogger John said...

Actually, there was nothing wrong with your template code. Restore that. And then edit your post with the youtube embedded object and reduce the width of it. I had the same problem when I posted my very first youtube on my blog. All I could see was the sidebar and no content.

When you edit the post with the funky dance, you'll see an "object" tag and well as an "embed" tag in there for the youtube video. Reduce the width (and the height proportionately) enough so that it fits your template's content width, and you'll be fine.

Hope this tidbit helps!

12:51 AM  

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