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Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Luck or a Cosmic Joke?

When you're absurdly, illogically affraid of bugs, the whole "lady bugs bring good luck" thing is a bit of a hard sell. But I'm going to have to start believing it, cause those bitches are all over me. Ever since the ladybug dorm invasion of 2000, I can't get away. When strangers on the street make comments about how I must have good luck, cause oh look! A ladybug on your arm!, it's hard to not start swatting and keep a polite smile. Why yes, yes I am so very lucky! Something I'm kind of terrified of is sitting on me! That's fantastic! Walking to grab a sandwich today, a veritable ladybug swarm rose up around me. I made it through the cloud with just one bug attached, and when I got to the sandwich shop, was, of course, told how lucky I am.


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