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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Inventors! Take Note

Has anyone else heard the hilariously nebulous radio commercials calling all invention loving types? It goes something like this:

Do you like to think about ideas that might invent inventions for people who invent ideas and inventions? Are you tired of thinking about things and want to start writing down TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBERS? Do you want to start making money for recording the dates of your inventions and the parts you'll need to make your inventions? Then get a pencil and paper and get ready to write down a TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER. Don't write it down -- but get ready to. Thinking about inventing ideas to make inventions with could earn you money and prestige. So if you're ready to have ideas and stop thinking about having ideas, call this toll free number, and start writing down the dates of the ideas you were thinking of! Inventions!!!!

Though exagerated, it's not far off. This one's hilarious. The jewelry commercial where the mom puts a spin ending on "The Night Before Christmas," however, is nauseating.


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