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Monday, November 20, 2006

Not So Hot

That is what I have to say about Au Bon Pain. One just opened up next to my office, so we went today, all a flutter. Problem the first: you need a freaking tour guide to navigate that place and figure out how to order or obtain your food. We spent a good 20 minutes dizzily walking back and forth across the restaurant trying to decipher who we should ask for our sandwiches. And the registers -- why are they so separated and bizarre? Once we finally figured things out, I got some broccoli cheddar soup, a thai chicken wrap, and a cranberry macaroon.

The soup was delightful. Really.

The sandwich however, not so much. The wrap itself was dry and disgusting. The innerds of the wrap were generic and unflavorful. Since eating it, I've started feeling sick too. Bad all around.

The macaroon was also delightful. Seriously delicious.

My coworkers' sandwiches also got bad reviews. I've never lived or work in proximity to one of these places before, though I know they're quite common and popular. But my god, I will not be partaking in any of their "sandwiches" any more. Not at all. But I'm quite stoked to have a coffee place within walking distance of my office.

This was a really long winded way to complain that I have a tummy ache. Sorry for putting you all that.


Anonymous Becky said...

I've had similar experiences at Au Bon Pain. They do have good coffee and good chocolate croissants, although one of those will feed you for like 6 days.

7:21 AM  

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