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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What are you people thinking?

This really pushed my buttons. How can people pay attention and think such things? (from EW's recap of the VMars finale):
And for all you out there who thought Piz was the rapist? No dice. Looks like he'll hang on to his good-guy status and maybe even play more of a role in the coming episodes. As for Tim, Dr. Landry's teaching assistant? I thought Rob Thomas and Co. might pull out some crazy story for him to be behind the rapes, but I have a feeling there will be more to his story. His rape-mystery bulletin board, if that's what it really was, pointed fingers (or circles, as Veronica noted) at several not-guilty Pi Sigs. Plus, we were treated to the blowout he had with his girlfriend at the party, where he said he'd been with ''someone new'' every time she had been with a frat boy. Hmm, maybe it's nothing. But maybe it's somehow connected to the next mystery and Dean O'Dell.
1. Piz? No freaking way. The rapes started last year. When Piz lived in Oregon.

2. Wasn't it crystal clear that the Pi Sig composit was Tim tracking guys in Pi Sig that his slutty gf was banging?


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