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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back in Business

Well, for business, I suppose. I am in a full scale post-vacation depression at the moment, but that's only because Austin was an amazing, amazing vacation. It doesn't get much better than putting a dozen people who've been friends since before "teen" was part of their age together in one house in an incredible city for several days.

Though happy to be awoken by snuggling from Stinker, I was sad not to open my eyes today to see one of my best friends, then proceed to group coffee time, breakfast cheffery, afternoon strolls, the first round of drinks for the day, and whatever else antics we could find our way into, culminating each day in hot tub time with at least one bottle of champaign.

Aside from the horrifying cockroach crawling up my pant leg incident at Sol y Luna, every place we went and everything we did in Austin was absolutely awesome. And CHEAP! I bought 3 mixed drinks and a shot -- specifying liquors, not just getting whatever was call there -- at a fancy downtown bar one night for a grand total of $14. And two overflowing shopping carts full of grocieries for a massive New Year's Day bbq cost $150. Unbelievable.

The reams and reams of pictures are sure to start flowing in shortly (mine whenever the apple genius bar has an opening and fixes my damn computer), so you'll soon have visual aids. But until then, I'll sit here longingly wishing I was sitting by a fire pit while a train goes by.


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