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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hey. Hey.

Well, the day has come. Tonight those of us still hanging on to the sun, fashion, beauty and sarcasm drenched hours in Newport will bid farewell to The O.C. this evening. I'll say goodbye with the troop of O.C. Party-goers I've accumulated over the years; we'll eat Helbing Ham Sandwiches, drink wine, play O.C. trivia and probably, cry a little. Me, I'll probably cry a lot, as I'm a huge sucker. What can I say, I really love The O.C. I think Ryan's playing the roll of Scarecrow here, for I do believe I'll miss him most of all. Seth Cohen made geeks chic, Sandy & Kirsten made mom/dad love cool, Summer's the tart with the heart of gold, but Ryan -- he's the man.

From the creation of the Hey-Hey, to Seth's fantastic one liners ("who's winning -- me or my hair?"), the unshakeable Sandy & Kirsten, cold as ice Caleb, Marissa's clothes, the ferris wheel, the coffee cart to the million other times I loved something from that show more than a woman of my age should have, The O.C. was a delight, even when it sucked (Oliver? Lindsay?). But, I do agree that it's time to say goodbye. Let's end on a high note.

...And Jeff Buckley swells up in the background, we look longingly at each other with our enormous blue eyes, and the scene fades out...

Oh, and, go take a peek at this Guest List on Pitchfork. It's from Walter Martin, one of my favorites. Thanks Graham for pointing that out to me. I'm totally trying for a Beatles cover band at my wedding. But I disagree with him about Set. That game is badass. But I might only love it so much cause it's the only game I can always beat my dad in.


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