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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Mystery of the Blogentine Rolls On

Kriston compiles the facts (with vehn diagrams!) as they currently stand in the great mystery valentine caper of 2007. DCeiver's incrimination of Goodspeed seems pretty unshakable, though Sommer says he's not involved. Catherine assures me it's not Yglesias or Spencer, as they wouldn't ever do such a thing. Drew, Ficke and The Governess have all claimed innocence (some more vociferously than others). My money's still on the Nabob or Goodspeed. Though I haven't ruled out Catherine completely. That would be a very Marsian turn to the tale, wouldn't it?

Let's solve this once and for all!

Mystery valentine sender, come out to Unbuckled tonight. Show yourself! Reveal your identity! Let the truth bounce from wall to wall in DC9 so we can all rest easy. And thank you for the super cool princess valentines and hours of intrigue in person.


Anonymous tom said...

data point: Drew sent me birthday wishes and regrets about not coming to the show last night (he was allegedly feeling sick). And he did so via email instead of a blog comment -- could he be trying to avoid showing his face (both physically and electronically) until the mystery reaches a fever pitch?

12:33 PM  

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