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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Say hello to your friends

I've been talking about this on an email thread with a few people, but I think it's time to move it over to the blog. Yesterday, PopCandy pointed me towards the BSC Headquarters blog, where a girl is re-reading all of the Baby Sitters' Club books and blogging her experiences in mini book report and bulleted list of WTFiness format.

I for one was completely pressed for this series, as just about every girlfriend of mine at the time was too. I remember reading about their awesome clothes and cool adventures and thinking how they were the best babysitters ever. This blog really puts that shit into perspective. A couple favorite quotes so far:
About Claud: "She can put together the oddest collection of clothes--a slouch hat [what?], a sequined vest, an oversized button-down shirt, stirrup pants, and lace-up boots--and she looks stunning." Stunningly like Blossom, that is.

Fucking fuck fuck!!!!!!! Worst ending ever! "'Yeah. Dad,' I said, 'you have no idea how hard it is to be a parent.'" Richard, I'll fucking smack her for you! ANM, for that, you (or your ghostwriter) need to be dragged out behind the Burger King and beaten with a cricket bat. There was no reason for that. Even people with no sense of humor know that's just not funny.
The descriptions of the outfits are truly hilarious. I'm hoping the blogger will add a tally to her sidebar noting how many times Stacy mentions cowboy boots. The premise of some of the stories are totally absurd too -- though at the time, I thought them completely awesome.

The email thread has mainly housed comments like, "I can't stop reading this. So awesome. It did, however, have the unfortunate side effect of putting the BSC tv show theme song into my head....."say hello to your friends (babysitter's club) / say hello to the peeeeeople who care / nothing's better than friends (babysitters club) / cuz you know that your friends are always theeeere.....for you." and "Stirrup pants w a sequined vest. Sounds like I am dressing up like someone from the BSC for Halloween ;) "

But my favorite admission has to be from a friend who will go unnamed to protect her identity:
i was OBSESSED with these books. i went to NY with my parents when i was eight and forced them to help me call every single Ann Martin in the NY phone book in hopes i could meet her. WTF? why did they not nip that idea in the bud?
I remember Diana and I trying to start our own BSC, but... there were only two of us. And we were like 8. So that didn't work out too well.

And also, this cover looks so ominous. In case any of you don't remember, The Truth About Stacy was that she was.... diabetic!!!!!!


Anonymous jenna said...

That blog should not exist. Or my bosses should find a way to have it removed from the internet because to hell with work I'm not doing anything until I have read and re-read the entire thing.

3:14 PM  

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