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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I feel a migraine coming on

I've been getting migraines since 8th grade. I only get them once a year or so, and while they put me out of commission for a day, they're not as bad as the ones that say, my mom or Liz's little sister get. I'm usually able to take some medicine and pass out for several hours until it's gone. I always kind of forget that I get them though -- which lead to instances like the time a few years ago I had my coworker drive me to the doctor because "why the hell are there spots in my vision? what is going on????" -- which I figured out over the course of the drive to the doctor's office. I usually get them in the springtime (allergy related?) and right before my period. Right now my body's giving me all the high signs that one's coming on -- minor headaches, muscle aches, sensitivity to light. So, yay! Looking forward to that. And according to this, that means that I could have strokes, heart attacks and preeclampsia when I'm pregnant! But, that I'll have a much better chance of remembering all that in my old age. Thanks a million, brain chemistry!


Blogger ike said...

I first experience a swirling in my peripheral vision. From there, random signs of a brain attack: the inability to read half of words, lack of motor function in one side of my body.

Once it affected my language center and all of my nouns became misaligned, "Oh man, I gotta go to the window... I gotta go to the window and see the apple!" Which, as we all know, means, "I gotta go to the clinic and see the nurse."

But they all end the same way, writhing around in bed, throwing up and then sleeping for like four hours.

Take some excedrin migraine, eat a banana and drinks some coffee. Pain killer, potassium, and caffeine (thins the blood).

4:33 PM  

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