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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Soft Focus

Vice TV started months ago. The press release sounded awesome, and several friends of mine have been singing its praises ever since. I finally -- finally! -- got around to watching some of it today, and god damn is it fantastic. Particularly Ian Svenonius' show, Soft Focus. He has aimless, fantastic conversation with musicans, mainly friends. I've watched the Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye editions so far and I'm having the best time.

Update: Just got to IM asking IS what the concept behind Soft Focus was:
IS: Maybe the concept is that... I thinkw e live in an era, where maybe art has been reduced to vacuity. And maybe, by inviting some of hte most dynamic performers of this era -- and really any era -- we can help reinvigorate art's mission to transofrm the culture. What do you think?

IM: I dunno.


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