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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yr Pop Be Glossin

the g:
the g: i win the battle of the youtube videos
me: oh. my. god.
the g: her lip gloss be poppin. i would so vote for her for class president
me: it's.... actually about magic lip gloss!
the g: yes. yes it is.
the g: mac-mac brushes. prolly the reason all these boys got crushes
me: i love the crotch grabs and the male dancer who's clearly classically trained in ballet
the g: i love teenagers. seriously. "all the boy skeep jockin, they chase me after school"
me: haaaaahahaha i just got to the singing part
the g: its a thing of great beauty. i also want her earrings
me: i hope the word in those heart earrings is “lip gloss”
the g: its like Another Bad Creation for a new generation, but better, because its about makeup
me: wow, there are like 8 parts to this. it's a hip hop cosmetic opera!
the g: hahahahaa
me: i'm pretty sure that's the gym we painted for servathon
the g: thats what i thought too
the g: i love the ending. “it wasn't the lip gloss... it was you all along.”
me: hahahaha. a modern day wizard of oz
the g: yes. lip gloss oz
me: lip gloz
the g: oooh nice
me: someone needs to make a "mi lipgloz be poppin" lolcat stat
the g: oh god
the g: there are a ton of homemade dance videos on youtube to this song. im sorry. why would you let your 10 year old do this, wtf
me: wow. i mean, at least it's about lip gloss
the g: true!
me: and not about like, baby daddies
the g: right
me: i guess it's the current day answer to mandy moore's "candy"? i don't know which artist that's more insulting to
the g: ooh. maybe. me neither
me: i can't believe someone discovered this girl, signed her to a record deal, listened to her stuff and decided "lip gloss be poppin. that's a single that's goin straight to the top of the charts"
the g: i want to know who's responsible so we can go ou tfor milkshakes together and solve world hunger and like… racism… and sexism
me: hahahaha
me: i mean, i do like some things about the video.
1. The choreography’s got that missy elliot video thing happening
2. There are no boobs or skimpy outfits
3. No blatant use of water to make anyone's clothes cling to them
the g: right, strictly jeans and hoodies, im down with that
me: 4. Even considering the topic, no super sexy open-mouth lip close ups
the g: right. and "class president" posters = goal setting
me: yes! a general wholesome, aspirational theme
the g: and not like "whore tryouts at 3 pm at the junior lockers"
me: HAHA
the g: i so would have tried out for the whore team. if only My high school had an officially sanctioned whore team. thats something to spire for, yo. Aspire.
me: ha, i just sent the link to my friend alyssa. her response: "wait.... what am i watching?"
the g: yr wathcing lip gloss. IT BE POPPIN
me: actually, the more I think about it, the more I’m totally behind this as a new direction for pop music
the g: sure! there are certains aspects of this i love
me: it's discussing something that's reasonable for actual middle/hs kids to aspire to (getting great lip gloss)
me: rather than overt oversexualization. it's completely and totally aimed at that age group rather than trying to be older
the g: what i don’t get/think is kind of LSD-trip-ish is that a magical lip gloss will get you popular. like: what about helping you make straight As? instead of letting the boys jock you? but whatever, i'm old.
me: yeah, true
the g: my lip gloss is chapstick. it is not poppin.
me: omg, marketing tie in!
the g: and there's that.
me: poppin lil mama lip gloz has GOT to be on shelves at claires already
the g: an obvious setup for lil mama lip gloss
the g: hahah claires
me: also from alyssa: “where are these 13 year olds getting all this money
for mtv to sweat them? i mean are the ads on mtv for bratz dolls?”
the g: no. ads on mtv are for like... uh.... The hills perfume? Um.... real world condoms. um. um.
the g: those shows make me think god is dead. while "lip Gloss" makes me think god is alive and being AWESOME.


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