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Monday, July 23, 2007

Wamanda is Back

I've returned from a wonderful sojourn to the mid west. Who knew Minnesota was so beautiful? Beth's wedding was pretty much the best -- the ceremony and reception were both fantastic, so many great people, and adorable children and great times. It was a really wonderful trip. You can take a look at my somewhat spotty collection of photos here. I think pretty much everyone else was better about taking pictures this week than I was, so hopefully gaps will be filled in later.

Now I'm waiting somewhat patiently for my luggage to also return from the mid west. And to receive my copy of the new HP. I haven't seen the new movie yet either. So, internet friends, I'm pretty much going to be avoiding any and all things internety until both are remedied. Not that any of you would be spoilery jerks, but, I'm not gonna take any chances.


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