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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unbuckled 6: It was a hit!

So, tonight was just really, really great. For several reasons:
  • I smell like so many people right now. It was hot as hades in DC9 this evening, and there were 200 bodies enjoyng the magic of Le Loup and The XYZ Affair, and I hugged about half of them.
  • Both bands were out of this world. From the opening a capella "Sweet Adeline" to the final thrust of Le Loup's chorus, it was an amazing show. Sincere thanks to both bands and MDR for making Unbuckled worth way more than $8.
  • My friends that didn't make it upstairs (because the show SOLD OUT around 9:30) had just as much fun kickin it down below as the ones that passed the doorman's threshold. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out.
  • I now have a definitive list of keytar geniuses, including Jem's band mate, Raphael from TNMT and Julian Casablancas, among others.
  • I got the pleasure of planning this thing with two of the nicest guys I've ever worked with, so big ups to Dan from Le Loup and Alex from The XYZ Affair.
  • Also, the vibe of community music love and local support was out of this world this time around. There's always a big outpouring of support at these shows, but it was really palpable tonight.
Basically, I'm fully of happy, excited, jublient vibes right now, so thanks to everyone who had a part in making Unbuckled 6 such a success! I love DC9. I love DCist. I love DC.


Blogger Eric said...

great job introing the bands last night and picking the raffle. I didnt win, but you still did a good job.
and cute dress!

11:20 AM  

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