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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just Relax, Would Ya?

That was one great vacation. Five days in my favorite place with two wonderful traveling companions and my dad and his girlfriend who don't know how not to have a decadent meal. As you can see, we had a great time. Jenna, Stacy and I were a great three piece for a vacation -- all of us like to be active and adventurous, but also just lay like vegetables and achieve completely relaxation, and be really, really pretty. And eat hoagies. It was a wonderful trip marked by ridiculous meal, expensive wine, shopping for shoes, and falling asleep in the sun. Which then lead to my annual absurd sunburn, which prohibited me from going boating all day today, but, I'll live.

PS: Stacy, I think the movie you were trying to think of was Stomp the Yard.

PPS: Bricks Explode, I love you.

PPSS: I saw Live Free or Die Hard and Evening. Bruce Willis still kicks ass completely. My reaction to Evening was a lot like my reaction to The Hours -- wonderful performances, moving story, beautifully shot, but slow, and with questionable choices in direction and conception, and really freaking sad. When Joey's home this weekend, we will Transform.


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