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Friday, August 17, 2007

Rest In Peace

This is surely not the most fitting medium for a memorial. But I feel that I need to honor my friend's memory in some way. Jon Forde, a lifelong wonderful friend to many, a beloved son, a sergeant in the national guard and true love to Brandy Carter, has passed away. Recently called back to duty, Jon was stationed on a base here in the states when he contracted meningitis. A fast and aggressive disease, Jon passed away while en route to a hospital. More details of what happened are here. Nothing I say can possibly due justice to the shock and sadness we're all feeling over this loss. Dying so young is never fair, but given the time he spent in combat knowingly risking his life, this type of completely unexpected illness is truly unjust. Jon was brave. Jon was gallant (a word he always cringed when I used it to describe him, no matter how accurate). Jon loved good beer, punk rock, 80s movies, Joey and Brandy. Jon's family has a swimming pool in their back yard. Jon was one of the sweetest most genuine people I've had the pleasure of knowing and I'm going to miss him more than words can say. So here's to your memory, my friend. You'll never be forgotten.

UPDATE: Jon's obituary (with details on funeral services) is here. It should be in this Sunday's Washington Post.


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