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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My favorite songs of '07, in no particular order

Inspired by the Rockist guys, here's what rang my chime this year.

  • "West Coast," Coconut Records. Dreamy, beguiling, simple, infectious and just plain pretty. Since discovering this song, I have listened to it every single day.
  • "Jacket," David Vandervelde. The best take on glam rock since T.Rex.
  • "The General Specific," Band of Horses. This song gets me up out of my seat, dancing and clapping on a regular basis. It was an instant favorite from the moment I heard it for the first time.
  • "The Underdog," Spoon. My favorite song off of my favorite album of the year, and quite possibly the catchiest song every written. And we all know how I feel about horn sections.
  • "The Good Life," Kanye West. I love a good hip hop anthem. And this surely qualifies.
  • "D.A.N.C.E.," Justice. "One Two Three Four Fives"
  • "Umbrella," Rihanna. Everybody loves this song. It's impossible not to.
  • "Knocked Up," Kings of Leon. Possibly the best touring rock band at the moment, and this opening track from their 2007 release set up the ripping and roaring to come on the rest of the album. And come on people, that voice is undeniable.
  • "Amsterdam," Peter, Bjorn & John. This song makes me want to put on sunglasses and go for a long summertime drive. It's a bright and chill track that even outshone this year's most ubiquitous song, "Young Folks."
  • "Tears Dry On Their Own," Amy Winehouse. Girl groups are my kryptonite. This whole album blew my socks off, but this has got to be the standout track, with those lilting little instrumentals and her booming voice.
  • "The Heinrich Maneuver," Interpol. Paul Banks' voice and the overall Interpol sound is still the sexiest thing on record, IMHO. Smooth but agitated, confident and confronting, and it just digs right into the middle of you somehow, despite its starkness.
  • "Two," Ryan Adams. This is just a really great love song. And it puts Adams' incredible voice up on a pedestal.
  • "Dinner Party," White Rabbits. Jangly modernization of 60's rock instrumental basics (a la The Walkmen), mixed with smooth and gentle vocals (a la Nick Stumpf of the French Kicks). One band that sounds like two of my favorite bands. Yes please, and thank you.
  • "You Are My Face," Wilco. All of Wilco's awesomeness collides on this track -- mild folk strumming into big grinding guitar riffs and a lot more. But rather than being disjointed, it's powerful and big and just right.
UPDATE: If I had thought about it for more than 2 minutes, "Heart it Races" by Dr. Dog (an Architecture in Helsinki cover) and "More Lights" by Georgie James would absolutely have made the list, must like this guy's. Also: something from All Y'all, though I can't make my mind up as to which song. I really like several of them quite a bit. Probably "Hawkins Rock" though.


Anonymous Rockist Graham said...

is "two" really a love song?

6:56 PM  

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