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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Delicious Dinner

I just finished a truly wonderful meal. It was certainly the longest road I've ever taken to grilled cheese & tomato soup, but totally worth it. The soup and sandwich recipes were from The Kitchen Sink, and the salad from Serious Eats. Here are my minimal adjustments to the recipes:
  • Go easy on the red pepper flakes on the soup — mine was a little too spicy.
  • I used shredded cheese and instead of just sharp cheddar (white), I made a 50/50 combination of cheddar and mozzarella.
  • And because I'm not sure what a can of chipotle peppers is, I used a combination of roasted red peppers and green chilies in their stead for the spicy sandwich spread.
  • I also used a roasted garlic loaf of bread instead of sour dough, and used much thicker slices than the flat bread that's pictured on the recipe's photos. (In fact, the 3/4" size slices that the recipe actually calls for.)
Pictures of the results are up on flickr, but they don't do it justice. It was heavenly. There was a chorus of yummy noises from all mouths fed throughout the duration of the meal. Maybe next time I'll use some of the food photography tips Catherine linked to.


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