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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Concerts! Woo!

So! With the announcement of the full Fort Reno schedule, and the sheer number of friends I have in local bands (whose musical efforts it is my pleasure to support), my summer schedule just got a big injection of busy. This prompted me to take a gander at venue schedules around town for the next couple months and see what else I might be interested in. Weird part: the 9:30 Club doesn't have anything coming up I want to see. I'd go to Bobby Digital if I were in town that weekend, but, I won't be. Does this say something about the shows they're booking or my taste? I used to practically live at 815 V St. Anyhow, moving on. If you'd like to go to any of these shows, give me a shout. Especially the ones in this color, those ones I don't have any actual plans for yet.

Last night: It should be said that Spencer's band The Surge killed it at the Velvet Lounge last night. Really, really great, guys.

Tonight: Adele @ 6th & I Synagogue. I'm going with Kate to review the show for DCist, should be fun.

Tomorrow: F Yeah Tour @ Black Cat. Dan Deacon, Matt & Kim and 8,000,000 other performers. It's gonna be radical.

6/21: Before the June 21st party, I'm heading to the 9:30 Club to catch some awesome off of The Dance Party.

6/22: If I have the strength left in me after 9 straight days of evenings with full schedules, I'd really really like to go to DC9 to see Poor But Sexy. They've got members of the D Plan and Travis Morrison's Hellfighters, and describe themselves as sounding like "Steely Dan fronted by R. Kelly." That is 100% awesome.

6/23: It's Sam's birthday! Also, my favorite fellas Mitchell, Floyd & Trae (aka New Rock Church of Fire) are opening the Fort Reno season with Olivia Mancini and the Housemates.

6/29: The Hall Monitors @ Rock & Roll Hotel. I loved these guys when I reviewed them for a DCist Three Stars piece a while back. I haven't been able to see them since, and I'd like to remedy that.

6/30: My BFF Kriston Capps and his band Gestures @ Fort Reno

7/3: If Tyler & Joey weren't coming into town that night, I'd totally go to Iota for Eef Barzelay.

7/7: The City Veins @ Fort Reno. My pals have become a significantly awesome band, edging their way towards math rock along the way.

7/10: My beer-and-buffy-loving pal Michael and his band the Black & White Jacksons @ Fort Reno

7/24: Beard expert, former D Plan member and all around awesome guy Eric Axelson's band Statehood @ Fort Reno

7/26: Tilly & the Wall @ Black Cat. I interviewed lead singer Kiana Alarid a few months ago before their last stop here, but didn't get to make it to the show. I'd love to see that tap dancing action.

7/31: The Shirks! @ Fort Reno! I haven't seen the shirks live yet, but I have sat around while Ned plays any song you can possibly think of on the guitar into the wee hours. They are Mitchell's favorite D.C. band. And I will be there to see them at FR.

8/1: Bon Iver & Bowerbirds @ Black Cat. I figure I should probably see at least one of the bands I read about on music blogs constantly. And I've heard good first-person reviews of Bon Iver from friends.

8/3: I am liveblogging Coldplay from the Verizon Center. Yeah, you heard me.

8/11: These United States and Jukebox the Ghost, two of the best D.C. bands by leaps and bounds, are playing the penultimate Fort Reno show of the summer.

8/14: Thoa Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down @ Black Cat. I love love love the recordings I've heard from this D.C. gal. She's been gaining loads of praise across the country while touring, but I've somehow managed to miss all of her recent D.C. shows. (Oh, wait, I know how. I was out of the country for a large chunk of the spring. When every band I wanted to see toured here.) Anyhow, let's go see this show, friends!


Blogger Jumbo Slice said...

I just saw Thao last night here in Austin. It was their final stop on their tour with Rilo Kiley. She, Willis, and Adam were fantastic. They won over a lot of new fans w/ their performance.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous leafblower said...

I thought you were anti-Thao Nguyen?

2:41 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Just anti-whoever does her press. They jerked me around for weeks promising an interview that never happened. Her and her band, however, I have no qualms with.

2:43 PM  

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