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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stand up straight/moisturize as you cleanse/add further funk with contrasting tights

Catherine: dude also you should be in our dating column

me: yeah, here's my first entry:

So, scrolling down le blog, I realize I've written very little over one-two sentences in recent history that didn't involve a list of ingredients. So, um, hi! This dadaist InStyle poem on Jezebel is pretty awesome. And, uh, wind power in west Texas is pretty cool. Not cool: people blinding themselves staring at the sun looking for Mary. Also, Spencer wrote a bang-up piece about a new counterinsurgency handbook that you should go and read right away.OH! AND!: woman kicks the everloving crap out of a man who groped her in Mt Pleasant. She is the clear winner of today's awesomeness award. If things go according to plan, I'll live in Mt P soon enough and help you deliver justice, sisterladyherofriend. Catherine and I might start taking krav maga to hone our asshole maiming skills. I'm thinking our superhero poster would read:

VAGilantes: it's not just cockpunching anymore

Whoa! That was almost a whole paragraph! Not a coherent one, but, several sentences strung together nonetheless.


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