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Monday, August 11, 2008

I have a request for clothing designers

Could you guys start making bigger bust sizes of button up shirts and (and shirt dresses, as long as they're in style)? Having boobs basically makes me incapable of wearing anything that buttons. And my boobs aren't even that big! Normally things will close but just gap in that awful/tacky way. But more and more they won't even close, making me supremely jealous of the lithe flat chested women who can wear shirts that hang loosely on them. Jenna and I went to Shake Your Booty this weekend and I tried on this truly adorable dress that fit wonderfully everywhere else but wouldn't even close across the front.

My endowments aren't going anywhere, and I'd like for this entire category of clothing to not be closed off to me. So, join the revolution of special sizing! Change my life the same way long pants did! Build shirts with busts for people who actually have breasts! Thanks.


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