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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love the woooooooooorld

That's what I thought this morning as I sat on my porch drinking coffee. This weather is too insanely beautiful. It gives me feelings that are too far over on the happy scale for that early in the morning.

Also, every time I make coffee at home in the morning, I have this epiphany while drinking it and say out loud, "man, coffee is so GOOD!" As though I didn't know that going into it.

And, it's official: I have olympic fever. Also, when did swimming become the star sport? Most of my life, I remember looking most forward to the women's gymnastics, track & field and sometimes diving. But now, it's all swimming all the time. Way to go, Phelps.

And, to continue with the cheery theme of this post, my woes from last week are all solved. It turned out to be a minor problem with my car that was pretty inexpensive to fix. And my arm is pretty much better. And it's restaurant week and the weather is sort of spooky gorgeous and life is good. Yup.


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