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Saturday, September 13, 2008


OK, finally watched it. I don't think it's as terrible as most people did. Unbelievable? Sure! But it's sci fi. I'm ok with disbelief. One thing was really awful though: that stupid blonde lead that looks like a combination of Poppy Montgomery and Blake Lively. She is a terrible actress, and was given all of the most ridiculous moments of the pilot. I think Fringe could have the potential for X-File-type supernatural goodness, but I sure hope Pacey can teach that woman a thing or two about not being completely insufferable on screen. 


Blogger The Deceiver said...

They can't all be British-stage-trained super geniuses like Gillian Anderson. People said the same thing about Katee Sackoff in the first season of BSG and I said be patient, and look at her now...LOOK AT HER NOW! Seriously, I'd like to look at her now.

Anyway my favorite character is the dude who played Denethor. Anna Torv will get to act opposite Josh, Kirk, Lance and Denethor and she'll get better as a result.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

The blond lady was bad, but Pacey was WAAAAY worse. Also, the father's part was just horrifically written. "I peed myself"?! Way to maintain an air of supernatural menace, guys. Also, big props for your accurate depiction of the state mental health system and those who inhabit it.

Finally, those floating letters? They look bad, they've been done, they've got to go. While he's at it, JJ Abrams could stand to A) not start every series with a plane-in-peril scene and B) if unable to follow A, then hire someone who can make a goddamn CGI plane look at least VAGUELY decent. It's actually an extremely simple thing to model relative to other CG tasks.

Honestly, the more I think about this show the less it has to recommend it. The Bones-style wackiness really doesn't work in this context.

11:14 AM  

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