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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes: Halp!

So, the third season finale was pretty good. This season seems a lot more promising than last. But I've got one question: did ANYONE follow the Peter Patrelli story line? Future Peter's consciousness is in Weevil's body? Or is that present-Peter's? But, the scar-face-Peter guy seems to still be Peter too -- caring about Claire and his brother and not doing anything so maleficent so as to make HRG affraid to even describe his evils to Claire. Did I miss something? Are there two Peters running around in present day? Where is the evil Weevil guy's consciousness hidden? I am so confused. 


Anonymous ike said...

Future Peter is much more powerful than present Peter, so he stashed present Peter in Weevil's body. Maybe a future extension of Parkman's powers. I assume Weevil's mind is in Peter's body somewhere.

I really wish they hadn't started the third season out by tying themselves up in paradoxes.

10:49 AM  

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