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Monday, September 22, 2008

Of COURSE I'm going to mention the Redskins!

I was just saving it for the weekend wrap up post.
So, this weekend was pretty great. It involved more girls-only time than I've had in ages. That all started Friday night with The Great Naked Lady (aka clothing swap) Party of 08. Having cleared out 10 huge garbage bags full of clothes and shoes from my closets the weekend before, I figured I'd let my friends take a pass at my stuff before donating it away. Everybody else had some stuff they didn't want anymore either, so we all went through each other's remnants and everybody came away with a few great things that were new to them. And, we ate lots of delicious food, drank lots of delicious wine, and laughed. A LOT. Sommer should be a professional auctioneer, and Kate A. could have a career in fashion commentary. "That's going to the big Victoria's Secret in the sky" was my favorite observation of the night. 

After staying up drinking whiskey with Sommer till the wee hours, it was early to rise and get on the road! What road? Rt 29! Sommer, Catherine and I went down to Charlottesville to basically eat ourselves silly and soak up the atmosphere. We could not have gotten any luckier with the weather. It was truly a perfect fall weekend. We ate bel air sandwiches on the lawn, toured grounds, had beers on the corner, ate enchiladas, saw the Avett Brothers (who were GREAT) and Drive By Truckers on the downtown pavillion, hung out at Millers, got drinks at the Virginian, got late night Little Johns (the Blue Max is still where it's at), ran into a ton of people I didn't know were in Charlottesville still (or, also there for the weekend), got Bodos, shopped at antique and used book stores, ate amazing dumplings, hiked up to Blue Hole, (where we saw a killer snake, a milipede, a lot of Majestic Hawks and a swarm of totally angry bees), got Arch's, had lunch at the Greenskeeper/Jaberwokee/Three place, watched the last 7 minutes of the Redskins' victory, drank local Virginia beers, soaked up a few final miles of awesome radio on WNRN, and came home.  So basically, it was a perfect c'ville weekend. 

Then after dropping Sommer & Catherine off, I fed off of some of the risidual energy I had from the red bull I drank on the ride home, and stopped by Ben M's birthday bbq. I ate some of Kay's unbelievably good peanut butter chocolate cake, heard lots of people's thoughts on what it would be like if me and Spencer got into a (physical) fight (yeah, I didn't know what to think of that either -- we all decided in the end that it wasn't something any of us wanted to happen), and then proceeded to completely crash. I went home, watched a few minutes of the most boring Emmy's broadcast ever, and passed out almost immediately. 

So, about 10 pounds later, it's Monday. Work had no internet or power this morning, so I had to climb 9 flights of stairs to get to the office. And I think I'm going to yoga with Catherine on Wednesday. So hopefully I my new look for the fall won't be "Charlottesville Fat." 


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