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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ok. Then how about the little stickers of my photo?

(Conversation started with this)

Mitchell: remember, you'd have to pay like 15 bucks extra to get the lasers

my parents would never spring for it, but I could never understand why

I'd be like, mom, dad, seriously, these are lasers, all the cool kids are getting them in their pics, why can't I

it was the same with baseball team pics, my parents would never let me get the individual baseball cards with the stats on the back

just the team photos

I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?"

get me those baseball cards now!

I need it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I begged my mom to let me have a rat tail to no avail. Thank God she never let me have one. I also never had the following cheesy 90's items: hypercolor shirt, slap bracelet, zubaz pants (Redskins of course), lines shaved into the sides of my head, lines shaved into my eyebrows, LA Gear (fake pumps), overalls with only one shoulder buckled, cross color pants, or Jorts. My mom is a fine lady.

I did have Freezy Freakers though.

6:07 PM  

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