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Thursday, September 25, 2008

In case anybody's wondering, the act of asking this question is, in fact, sexist.

Just now, Ann Curry was interviewing Jennifer Granholm (I believe), and after asking about how she's been helping Biden prepare to debate Sarah Palin, she asked,
The question is, how is he going to debate a woman? The concern is that any man debating a woman would look condescending.

I'm ready to spit fire. The woman's preparing to be Vice President, and people are concerned that a solid debate on the issues would be condescending? If Biden goes any kind of easy on her, or ANYONE does for that matter, it will be an absolute disgrace. Nobody's concerned about going easy on Obama cause he's black, or McCain because he's suuuuuuper old. I may not like Palin one bit, but if she's at all qualified or capable of doing taking this position, she should be able to go toe to toe with people who don't care what kind of parts she was born with, because she's got a damn important job to do. I don't expect anyone to require less of me in any job I do or any responsibility I take on, and neither should anyone of Sarah Palin.


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