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Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's True

I can confirm Jezebel's report. Ezra Klein is totally hot. He is a very handsome man... that I talk to every day. Eat dinner with at least once a week. Took a trip to the beach with me. And helped me move. Ezra's a good friend of mine. Which makes reading that post and the comments (oh dear, the comments...) all the more creepy. Flattering, for sure, but weird. I suddenly feel guilty for every lascivious comment about people I don't know I've ever made. I won't deny the thoughts I've had about Tim Riggins, but I'll try and keep them a little closer to the vest from now on. Maybe it's just my delicate sensibilities, but wanting people to find you attractive, and seeing strangers talk about where you can put your "wonk" are two different things. Anyway, way to go on all the hotness, Ez!


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