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Friday, February 20, 2009

Put A Banging Donk On It

I meant to post this.... a couple weeks ago when we had the conversation, but, here's an IM chat between Weigel and I, as we go through a handful of mp3's I've been sent and he says funny and insightful things about them. Enjoy.

me: so i've been doing this thing this week
where instead of just breezing through all of the 800 press release emails
i've actually been listening to some of the mp3s
and hey, some of them are pretty good!
David: which in particular?
me: i just blogged this one band, naked hearts
very early 90s
but with a little like, 00s lounge stuff on top
David: i can already picture Sanchez freakdancing to this
me: exactly
David: this reminds me of Tanya Donnelly/Belly, who sort of ruled
me: YES
belly! that is EXACTLY who i was trying to think of
then there are tracks like this, that shouldn't have left 2003
David: hah, i love it when Wikipedia is edited by publicists
With the long-anticipated release of "Love, Hate and Then There’s You", The Von Bondies’ third studio album and their debut for Majordomo Records, fans will experience a band that’s come a long way since 2004's Pawn Shoppe Heart (Sire).
Joel Siegel of Good Morning America says "it kicks fucking ass!"
me: hahahahahha
David: yeah, this song is totally throwback
i don't think my brain can take this much high-end anymore
me: exactly
i'm sorry, who cloned willie nelson?
i'm just searching "mp3" in my gmail
and finding a whole wacky smattering of stuff
i don't do enough drugs anymore to listen to this
David: this "willie" vocalist reminds me of a lot of other alt country singers
this warble-to-cover-up-thin-voice trick is about as new as the cathode tube
me: i think that black moth super rainbow song was more "art" than "music"
David: it sounds like Girl Talk remixing Air
like Moon Safari-era Air
me: ha, yes
this song is sort of like... if Beta Band got bored.
David: i don't hate this kind of stuff, the songs that sound like you're skipping through itunes
like the new Of Montreal record
me: i haven't heard the new one
whoa, was what i sent you even a link? that is long
hold pls
David: yes, it's playing
me: ok
David: the extra hypertext is for extra AWESOME
thus far these are all bands i'd pay like $10 to see on a bill with two other bands
minus von bondies
me: yes. totally.
this song makes me nostalgic for being right out of college, getting really excited for when the oc came on each week
David: "Airport Surroundings" gets me with the "na na na-na, na-na" falsetto harmonizing
actually, i really like this song
me: it's not bad at all. it just reminds me of a less-inspired version of this other song i really like
maybe i should listen to it agian
David: ooh, handcalps
there seem to be a lot of bands that sound like this, and none suck
you are giving me a distorted picture of the pr you get
me: uh, i also get this
because apparently it is 1997 and i'm easy listening radio
David: mmmm, trainwrecky
me: haha
there's a band called Thank You
David: For Not Throwing Bottles of Piss
me: that's actually pretty appropriate, since this is the kind of music they make:
here's a concept guys: editing
David: i dunno... that last band was pretty clear on the concept of wasting vis a vis not wasting time
me: ha
David: is this going to be a mashup?
me: i don't even know what this is
i guess technically a mashup yes
even if this weren't ryan gossling singing, i'd still think this was fucking rad.
David: this is ryan gosling?
he sounds like ian curtis
me: yeah!
this is a guy called Mike Bones. I wonder if anybody in search of some dirt rap has ever gotten a confusing surprise as a result.
David: i don't think anyone comes away from mike jones not precisely remembering his name
or 281-330-8004
me: hahahahaha
David: hit mike bones up on the low, 'cuz mike bones about to blow

Also: To explain the title of this post. I got an amazing press release this week that made me, more than anytime before it, not want to listen to the music it described. Here, let me share it with you!

VBS.TV Puts A Banging Donk On It

Hey Musicnets,

On VBS.TV we have drank blood with black metal bands in Norway, smoked blunts with Houston rappers, and partied in China with underground punk kids.

This time around VBS.TV goes to the desolate factory town of Burnley in the UK (think Detroit) to report on the music phenomonen called Donk.

What is donk?

Since the advent of acid house in the late 80s, British techno music has been in a long, baffling search for some sort of universal lowest common denominator. Breakbeat, digital hardcore, and gabber all made strong efforts in the race for the bottom, but none of them holds a candle to donk. Combining the 150bpm madness of happy hardcore with indecipherable North English rap and then overlaying the whole mess with a single, infuriating "donk" sound, donk may well be the apotheosis of all ridiculous dance music to date. It is also the only local thing going for an entire population of working-class kids with dwindling outside prospects.

Watch Donk on

What we found blew our minds and we are still recovering from what we witnessed, not even sure what we saw exactly. So come along for ecstasy fueled all nighters into the bizarre scene that is Donk.

Thanks for watching!


P.S. -
This is the Black Out Crew, commonly referred to as the Beatles of the Donk scene. Their video "Put A Donk On It!" has almost 4 million views on Youtube.


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