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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello, Google?

So, google reader. What da fock? I set my... settings to open up to All Items. I unsubscribed from Why I Hate DC (your very favorite blog in all of the world, as it seems). Yet, you still open up, every time, to WIHDC, now with a little "you are not subscribed to this feed, you dummy!"* message at the top. I WISH GOOGLE READER KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU, annoying blog I don't like reading anymore. How can I fix this?

*That might not be exactly what it says.


Anonymous Drew said...

Since I never liked Google Reader, I don't have a fix for that. But but! If you do get sick of GR, I'd suggest giving Newsgator a shot. I've been using it since Bloglines went down the crapper. It provides an RSS reader interface that is pretty close to Bloglines, only without all of the downtime that goes along with Bloglines.

2:04 PM  

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