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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I went to three shows last week

My gushing take on Dirty Projectors/TV on the Radio is over at DCist. It was just phenomenal.

Harlem Shakes/Passion Pit: Tom has some good points. And so does Nathaniel. Overall: the Shakes reek of intense musicianship and are just a really, really good band that can play around all circumstances and make it worth an audience's time. Passion Pit were enjoyable but not at all impressive. Sort of like when you're at a club that's playing the same droney electronica song after song after song. And you're dancing and having fun and people are pretty and the lights are shiny, so you're having a good time! But, the music's not particularly inspiring. Passion Pit just didn't give much to the audience, and the most exciting musical moments they provided were from pre-recorded back tracks. So. Harlem Shakes FTW.

The Avett Brothers weren't as inspiring as when we saw them in Charlottesville last year, but it should still be said -- it's incredibly refreshing to see a band that goes completely all the way out for their fans, and see their fans give it all the way back to them. Jaded by my status quo (indie rock crowds that talk and give bands they've paid to see disregard), it was really great to see a crowd completely rapt and devoted to what was happening up on stage. The show had some pacing issues -- they came out of the gate really strong with a few of their big fast barn burners, then played about 45 minutes' worth of slow ballads. Which pretty much flattened the tires on the whole experience. All that said, I'm glad Catherine and I went. And that we totally hung out* with Bjork afterwards at Cashions.

Haven't been to any shows so far this week, but Thursday night I'm seeing Nouvelle Vague at the French Embassy (!!!), and next week, Fort Reno starts!

*Here, the term "hung out" is defined as sitting at a bar about 20 feet away from the table she and her friends were having dinner at.


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