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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey! Blog!

Emily warned me that if I didn't start blogging more Russian horse breeders would seize my domain, so, hi guys! My life lately has consisted of working insane hours, beating a path between my front door and my bed (with occasional detours by Andrew's stoop), and turning another year older. These are sexy times we're living in, guys. I've begun a new project. My goal is to make a record of all of Emily's Thorson Facts. You know, like, 90% of meals are consumed in the car. Thorson Facts! So if you have any good ones, let me know. I am covered in about 1,000,000 mosquito bites, but I got them after narrowly escaping the jaws of a vicious Newfoundland retriever. Seriously. I'm fine with people tying up their dogs outside Big Bear, but not when it's a dog that is a known attacker. WTF, Carl. Now I'm gonna go make eggs and go to the farmers market and do work and hopefully play softball. Aren't you all glad I'm blogging more?


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