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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Generationalists

This band appears to have zero presence on the internet, which is a mystery to me, because they kinda rule. I was turned onto them and their fantastic album Con Law by Brant. Their song "When They Fight They Fight" is my official favorite song of the moment. I may not be able to point you towards a youtube or a mysapce or a hypem, but I know for a fact that the album is available on iTunes, and you should go give it a listen and probably buy it right away.

UPDATE: I should not blog/google before having coffee. I couldn't find them because their name is The Generationals. Here's the video for my favorite song:

In other music news, I saw one of the hands down best shows I've seen in ages on Monday night. Golden Triangle were sheer punk fun, with a mostly female lineup that kicked the Black Cat backstage's ass. Thee Oh Sees just completely floored everyone in attendance. I could not have loved their set more. Fuzzed out distortion mics and dirty garage rock with a sense of harmony and tight instrumentation that's usually foreign to that kind of rock. God, I loved this show so, so much.


Blogger steven edward streight said...

This is pretty cool. I'm working in MAGIX to make a new Str8 Sounds video: "Falcon Don't Float So High (balloon boy song)". I"m going to use still photos like this, but more than just one. LOL See my YouTube Vaspers directors account.

12:01 PM  

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