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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello, how are you?

Hey blawg! Today is the one year anniversary of MJ's death. That means it is also the one year anniversary of that wine cooler that Stu brought over to the MJ Memorial Stooping being in my fridge. So, respect.

Last weekend I went to the best most beautiful wedding of all time. I could write an entire book about how perfect it was. That's right -- not just half of a book, but a whole book! You can see photos (and videos!) here. It was so personal and fitting for the couple, and just FUN, and full of love and so many of my favorite people. Truly a weekend I'll never forget. Congratulations Tyler and Stephanie! You guys are my favorites.

Tonight I'm taking my dad for a belated father's day to see the NSO do Beatles songs. So that should be pretty awesome. And I'm getting my hair cut this weekend for the first time in almost a year. Everybody I hang out with should appreciate this, as I'll no longer look like a ragamuffin. In other news, I've been helping run the ship over at DCist this week, so for lots of poorly timed and hastily edited news, go check things out over there.


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