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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tails from the Housing Market

As you might know, I'm trying to sell my condo. It is the biggest ever loving pain in the ass, and broke-making venture I've ever lived through. (But hey! If you're in the market, ask me about the newly updated granite counter tops and ceramic tiles and brushed nickle handles in the kitchen! God.) My realtor held an open house yesterday and shared two stories with me about the kinds of folks that are looking to buy homes right now.

One couple came in and were clearly just not interested in the place, but specifically, said that they were very put off by the curtain covering the washer/dryer. A curtain. Hanging by a tension rod. That's something that, when removed, doesn't even make holes to spackle and paint. Right.

And then there was the woman who wondered if anybody would have a problem with her building a bridge. From my third floor condo to the ground floor. For her cat.

Best of luck your home buying process, crazy people!


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