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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fertile Crescent Rolls: Flaky, golden and full of inspirational deliciousness

I officially have no spare time to be doing this right now, but THAT is how dedicated I am to you people. I also don't really have anything interesting to say, but hey, that's the fertile crecent for most of my genius. Hop on the Amanda Mattos locomotive train of thought, it's a wild ride. I love it when I forget what I was gonna say and people are like "well, we were just talking about blah and blah and blah," as though my next thought would have any linear progression from the previous ones. Silly geese. Gooses. Moose. Many much moosen. I wonder exactly where in London Paul & Tyler are right now. I hope it's here:

I also hope that image worked. The image uplink thingy isn't working right. If not, it's a picture of my favorite pub, the Hobgoblin. Cheers!

I wonder exactly where Harry Potter is right now. I bet it's here:

I wonder what Olive Oil is doing right now....Probably this:

Ok, enough of that. But this is a fun game that could prove more fruitful when I'm less focused on other things. OK, audience participation portion:

Favorite Holiday Movie. GO!


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