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Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's not just for Seth Cohen anymore

...I wonder how many times I've used his name on this blog. One of those blog google bars would come in handy....anyhow...

The new Death Cab For Cutie album, Plans, is awesome. I'd expound more, but The Onion AV Club has a perfect review up, so read it.

And buy that.

Also liking right now: De Novo Dahl ~ Cats & Kittens; New Pornographers ~ Twin Cinema; The Cribs ~ The Cribs; still obsessed with Brendan Benson ~ The Alternative to Love


Blogger Chico said...

Amen! You have the best music taste ever... (besides me)
Someone you don't know, but still isn't stalking you. (I'm a friendly sort. Feel free to check out my website. It's

8:28 PM  

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